For the first few years the championship was an annual award and included the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter races together with one 12 Minute Test. Later it was split into separate Spring/Summer (S/S) and Autumn/Winter (A/W) championships, with a 12 Minute Test at the end of each.

Following a recent change, to compete in the championship, runners have to take part in seven events from the fixture list, of which one can be – but does not need to be – the 12 Minute Test. An age-related scoring system applies in all events.

Further information on the scoring system can be found here with more details on the 12 Minute Test to be found here.

YearMen’s ChampionWomen’s Champion
2019 (S/S)
2018 (A/W)
2017-18 (A/W)Derrick WatsonKath Horwill
2017 (S/S)Damien TolanRuth Amin
2016-17 (A/W)Andy WoodAnnie Hirsch
2016 (S/S)Vic WalshRuth Amin
2015-16 (A/W) Ali AlsaadiAnnie Hirsch
2015 (S/S) Nigel SedmanVicky Smith
2014–15 (A/W)Jason StottKath Horwill
2014 (S/S)Simon SteadAnnie Hirsch
2013–14 (A/W)Andy WoodAnnie Hirsch
2013 (S/S)Andy WoodAnnie Hirsch
2012–13 (A/W)Andy Wood Kath Horwill
2012 (S/S)Andy WoodAnnie Hirsch
2011–12 (A/W)Barry GuyAnne Webster
2011 (S/S)Barry GuyAlison Sedman
2010–11 (A/W)Nigel SedmanAnnie Hirsch
2010 (S/S)Nigel SedmanAlison Sedman
2009–10 (A/W)Andy RobertsCecilia Boodhoo
2009 (S/S)James CorriganAnnie Hirsch
2008–09 (A/W)Nigel SedmanAlison Sedman
2008 (S/S)Andy RobertsAlison Sedman
2007–08 (A/W)Nigel SedmanAnnie Hirsch
2007 (S/S)Nigel SedmanAnnie Hirsch
2006–07 (A/W)Dale ChadwickAnnie Hirsch
2006 (S/S)Steve BunyanAnnie Hirsch
2005–06 (A/W)Jon SargeantAlison Sedman
2006–07 (A/W)Dale ChadwickAnnie Hirsch
2006 (S/S)Steve BunyanAnnie Hirsch
2005–06 (A/W)Jon SargeantAlison Sedman
2005 (S/S)Nigel SedmanAnnie Hirsch
2004–05 (A/W)Nigel Sedman
2004 (S/S)Ronnie SheaAlison Sedman
2003–04 (A/W)Carl ByrneAfroditi Kalambouka
2003 (S/S)Ronnie SheaChristine Barber
2002–03 (A/W)
2002 (S/S)Carl Byrne
2001–02 (A/W)Carl Byrne
2001 (S/S)Themis KokolakakisAfroditi Kalambouka
2000–01 (A/W)Dave MastinLynda Cheetham
1999Mark LedwardCatherine Robinson
1998Kevan GarnerLynda Cheetham
1997James CorriganMandy Tyrell
1996Bert MorrellLynda Cheetham
1995Kevin OgdenLynda Cheetham
1994Kevin EgertonLynda Cheetham
1993David FureyLinda Owen