Championship Scoring System

There will be 7 scoring events which may or may not include the 12 Minute Test. For each event, the winner will get 15 points, the second 14 points, etc. Age-related points will also be awarded on the same points basis. In the rare event that more than 15 runners entered, the points would start at the number of entrants for the winner.

Personal Bests will be awarded against last year’s race in the equivalent season, providing the course has not been altered. 20 points will be awarded for a Personal Best or 10 points if you achieve a Personal Best based on your age-related performance. Personal Bests can be achieved in any event, again providing the course has not been altered.

If you have completed at least one 12 Minute Test in the last four seasons, you will be given a benchmark best achievement for each of the five element of the tests from the best of those last 4 tests. The next time you complete a 12 Minute Test, your progress will be measured on an age-related basis for each element. The two athletes (male and female) with the best overall percentage increase will win the Progress Awards. To win the Progress Award, you must have competed in at least 6 races in the Club Championship that season.

In summary, there will be 7 counting events at a maximum of 50 points per event, making a total of 350 points.