Rounding Resers, Touring Tameside

Well done all who ran over this long week into weekend of running. Particular slaps on the dogged backs of James, Julia, Yana, Annie, and Emma as Full Tameside Tourists. Congratulations to Emma for a strong performance across all four days of her first Tour, which followed another run at Round the Resers. Five races in five days. Respect. And she leads the Championship.  Mentions also to Yana, who turned in four PBs, and Frank, who scored PBs in each of the three races he ran.

And a last item of news was that Annie yet again won her age category at the Tour. This not only makes her a professional in being able to stuff some prize money into the key pocket of her shorts, but also a legend in Tameside, from Denton to Stalybridge. Well done Annie.

The next race is the rescheduled Wilmslow Half Marathon (in Wilmslow) next Sunday.

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