Round the Resers 5 Mile MT

There are some things in life that you should simply never have to see.  Why would anyone want to take photos at the top of that hill … the second time around?  Why?! … So instead, here is a beautiful photograph taken by Meng of the reservoirs which were rounded on that fine Wednesday evening.  Much better, that.

10838279_10101673931575115_3295694676346438611_o (2)

In the event, Annie Hirsch (38:53) was the first Belle Vue woman home, followed by Catherine McKenna (42:07) and Anne Webster (42:50), all three women smashing last year’s times.  Among the men, Mark Ross (32:53) took another win for the season, with Meng Tang (32:56) only seconds behind and Nigel Sedman (33:53) taking third.  AT