MACCL Race 2: Sherdley Park – Coach’s Report Card

Saturday 8th November 2014
With a good number of Belle Vue Racers in Athens preparing for Sunday’s marathon, a diminished band of hardy individuals ploughed their way west along the M62 through dark skies and heavy Lancashire rain to St. Helens and Sherdley Park for the second race of the Manchester Area League.
Over 2 larger laps and 5 miles, Leah Evans (42:25) secured her maiden Belle Vue victory, finishing ahead of Catherine McKenna (47:32) in second and Fiona Seymour (52:18) in third.  Over 3 smaller laps and 6 miles, Andrew Taylor (44:10) was the first Belle Vue man home, followed by Phil D’Netto (45:53) and James Corrigan (49:25) in third.  Well done to all runners – and thank you Lynda for the post-run cake!  AT
Hold onto your hats!  Here’s Lynda’s Coach’s Report Card (Warning: contains mild filth)
Arrived at Sherdley Park to a poor turnout from BVR, then realised what character runners I had got. Leah romped home first BVR and first time she has achieved top score, especially after being very traumatised in Barcelona.  ‘Chesty’ Catherine, returning from a viral infection, put up a great effort and still smiled all the way round.  Fiona – endless effort and determination this year which is now paying off.  She still managed to get the best posed photo while running.  Ruth Amin ran well today and now believes me that XC and a track session is the way forward – well done Ruth!
Captain Seymour bringing it home (photo: LG)

Andrew – breathtaking finish even after first week of the school kids.  Really envied him resting up, sitting in front of his new log-burning stove while sipping a glass of red wine – be it he didn’t invite me!  Phil is into new added colours this year for the BVR kit.  Orange undershirt and matching orange socks – well at least I could recognise him.  James upped his game today, even committing the worst runner’s ‘crime’ – looking at his watch while running lost him at least 2 seconds.  Greg put up a great fight today despite developing a bad back on the run – not bad though as it was his second run of the day?  Barry didn’t look too happy.  63 year old bones were rattling a bit today.  Think he needs to apply for Strictly Come Dancing but he still achieved 1st in the age-related race – glad Steve M. and Simon weren’t around!  Colin (Fiona’s husband) ran his last race as Unattached today – by next Thursday he will be a fully-fledged BVR runner and no longer the man in black.
“Connect Pole C to Attachment F, align with Peg Q and Netting Zip X” … Shirley looking on! (photo: LG)
Shirley from East Cheshire Harriers managed to round off cross country in her usual style.  Shirley had spotted Andrew and Catherine looking very mystified while trying to put up this all-singing-and-dancing tent that we now have.  Not realising at the time that we were BVR, Shirley enjoyed the moment – Catherine did manage to sort her out!  Unfortunately Shirley was around when we were again having trouble dismantling the tent.  Some bright spark explained it was bought as “it is supposed to be good for a quick erection” – Shirley replied, “Well, if it is, send it to my house, not seen one in quite a while!”
All rewarded with Pear and Ginger cake.
Well done BVR!  Your coach enjoyed every minute.  LG