25th Anniversary 10k Time Trial

23rd October 2014
25 years of Belle Vue Racers = 25 laps = 10k Time Trial!
This inaugural event was seen by many as particularly challenging, not just because there are a lot of laps to count – or try and count – but also because hardly any of us had actually run a 10k around a track.  Would it get boring?  Would it just be painful? Would there be tears?  Or much excitement?  More importantly … would we remember what lap we were on?
For the visual learners among us.
Key landmarks of Belle Vue’s inaugural 10k track race (photo: Meng)
Most runners used a GPS watch to keep count but there was a straw-style abacus for Catherine with Kevin being on hand to help distribute. (*Nope, I’m not sure either, but it worked!)
I know there were a few personal PBs for the distance had that night and there was a fast field.  Under dark skies, Kath Horwill (46:23) stormed through as quickest BVR woman and new member Vic Walsh finished impressively in 39:23, with Simon Stead and Barry Guy both turning out age-grading results above 70%.  LD