Gravy 6 MT

Sunday 20th July 2014
With the humidity levels way over 85%, 12 Belle Vue Racers arrived in Hadfield to embark on the 10th edition and what may be the last Gravy 6 race.  After a round of applause at the start for Andi Jones, the event organiser, 95 runners set off for the midge strewn reservoirs of Hadfield.
There was a different, and much preferable, start to last year and considering the torrential rain and storms over the last few days, the trails had not turned into deep muddy bogs.
This year there was a marshal placed at the point where it’s really easy to get lost (yes, I got lost last year) though rumour has it the front runners missed this turning due to a lack of guidance on the course … but hey, it happens to the best of us!
The first three Belle Vue-ers did fantastically well with Simon Stead (38:24), Alison Sedman (38:33) – also fourth woman home – and Nigel Sedman (38:39) coming in well under 40 minutes with Meng Tang (39:27) and Greg Barber (39:44) also ducking under 40 minutes. Well done also to Andrew Taylor (41:56), Phil D’Netto (42:07), Steve Mycio (43:00), Barry Guy (44:43) and Jason Stott (47:06), Jason especially after running the Snowdon Mountain Race the day before. Congratulations to Alison as first Belle Vue woman home, followed by Janet Shepherd (48:46) and Lisa Donnelly (51:33).
Well done everyone on what was a very hot and humid race!  LD