12 Minute Test

The 12 Minute Test has been used for over thirty years. It was first used at Swinton Running Club, founded by Eddie Cheetham. Eddie was coach at Swinton for many years before founding Belle Vue Racers.

12 Minute Test

The 12 Minute Test is a test of a runner’s fitness and takes place twice a year. It is the last event in both the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter club championships. It is calculated on an age-related basis so it is fair for all runners. At club sessions, usually after the track session, we do sets of press-ups, sit-ups, squat thrusts and burpees, usually two sets of ten of each exercise. These exercises are tested in the 12 Minute Test.

The test itself

You will go onto the track and do your own warm-up, then the test begins. You will run on the track for 12 minutes to the best of your ability, recording as you run how the number of laps completed. On the whistle you stop and take note of your finishing position on the track. This is recorded on the fitness score sheet you will be given. Record your distance and take a pulse check. Rest for ten minutes.

You will then partner up with another runner and work in pairs. Do as many press-ups as you can in one go, your partner counting and ensuring the exercise is done correctly. Record the score and repeat the pulse check. You then do the same for your partner. This continues until all four exercises – press-ups, sit-ups, squat thrusts and burpees – are completed.

Your fitness score sheet will then be handed in to be scored. If your score is among your best seven scores for the season, along with your best six race results, it contributes to your score for the season and in turn decides the club Men’s and Women’s Champions. If you have done the fitness test at any one time during the last two seasons, a calculation will be done to check if you have progressed or not and decide the progress awards. We then have a night out to celebrate!